DJ N0t Goth

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Originally from California, but now residing in Phoenix, DJ N0T Goth has been making a name for himself in Arizona’s underground music scene. Goth is Style&Soul’s official DJ and has been rocking each event and party Style&Soul has thrown. Goth is apart of the duo GothDecorum along with Guy Decorum. They specialize in remixing and making records “Chopped and Screwed” which makes for a slowed down, mixed version of the song. Songs like The Weeknd’s “Escape From LA” and Travis Scott’s “Out West” have been chopped by N0T Goth and are definitely a big vibe. N0T Goth is also a talented skater who can be found at the skate parks in Phoenix turning heads with his unique style. Dj N0T Goth is a DJ who knows how to get the party started, keep a eye out for his next big show/event.

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