Eff Neff

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Eff Neff is a artist coming straight out of Oceanside, CA and has a unique style that is unlike any other. He is a well known and respected man in the Oceanside community, as he has helped put together events for the youth. Eff Neff is a talented skateboarder and has been key in the growth and development of the Oceanside skate culture. The duo, “Double Trouble” which consists of Eff Neff and his brother Don 3 have been churning out groovy songs frequently. Eff Neff has the ability to make you “double back” once you hear a bar or lyric he spits. His lyrics are witty and when he raps on a record, you are bound to gain some knowledge and game from it. Eff Neff is on his way to becoming a force to be reckoned with on the California coast.

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