Moe Marley

Moe Marley pic
Moe Marley pic 2

Moe Marley is the newest member of Style&Soul and has been showing incredible promise as a talented artist coming out of Phoenix, AZ. Originally from Portland, OR he will have you turn up and “rock out” each time you hear his music. Moe Marley is also a talented model and has been featured in a number of fashion shows. He has his own style and drip that turns heads each time he steps out. Marley also kills it on the skateboard. He is known to be out in the underground skate scene doing flips and kicking fly tricks on his board. 

Moe Marley is putting on hard for Style&Soul as he recently was interviewed on Power 98.3 and has recently released the new video “Refund” ft BenFly on his YouTube channel. Be on the lookout for more fire music and clean visuals from Moe Marley.

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